OUR HISTORY                                                                                  

Federation of Kenya Registered Electrical Contractors and Electricians (FOKREC) is the premier Umbrella Association of Registered Electrical Renewable Energy Contractors in Kenya. One of its kinds in Kenya since independent. The Energy Regulatory commission regulator has recognized FOKREC as the umbrella body for all electrical works in Kenya.

FOKREC was registered on 13th march 2017 by Registrar of Societies. There was serious need for a body to lobby for Kenya registered electrical contractors hence the birth of Federation of Kenya Registered Electrical Contractors  and Electricians (FOKREC). Many contractors were brought on board and the Federation of Kenya Registered Electrical Contractors has become the voice for the Kenya Registered Electrical/ Renewable Contractors and Electricians duly licensed by ERC.


To be the leading Electrical Service lobby body in the region


To develop local Electrical Contractors and Electrician to provide safe,reliable and electrical services to the public affordable.


  • To promote measures and take steps that may consider advisable for the protection of the interests of its members.
  • To engage in private dialogue on behalf of Electrical Contractors & electricians.
  • To provide facilities for the study and Research.
  • To promote Training courses on the principals and practices in the Electrical Industry.
  • To work together with the government, the public procurement entities and regulators in order to promote professionalism in Electrical Industry.


  1. To bring Sanity in the Electrical/Renewable works sector in co- operation with Energy Regulator.
  2. To bring together and unite Registered Electrical/ Renewable energy contractors of all classes and qualifications in Kenya and providing a forum for co-operation.
  3. To lobby for Enforcement of the Electric Power Act, 2015, Electrical Installation Work- Rules, 2006: through Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) now repelled and To compel Kenya power and  lighting to award works to only  licensed electrical contractors.
  4. To secure effective Representation of the Electrical Installations Profession in the Organizations where such representation may be necessary.
  5. To weed out unlicensed and cartels, and fake electricians from our profession.
  6. To lobby for Registered electrical/ Renewable contractors from been subjected to NCA regulations.


All Registered Electrical Contractors shall join by paying a one off Registration Fee of ksh 2000 and Annual Subscription fee of ksh 8000 per year. Membership certificates will be issued to fully paid members.